Kat Savage and I are back at it! 

Here are your writing prompts for the month of April!

Also, don't forget to check out poets.org for all the different ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month.

1. I’m just going to lie & tell you starting over was easy

2. wasting time on temptation

3. chasing secrets

4. like deconstructed origami

5. sunday coffee & second chances

6. when the bottom falls out

7. accidental birthdays

8. flowers in your hair

9. the force of forgetting you

10. counting backwards from 10

11. #yourefreeyourefreeyourefree

12. relearning happiness

13. games in which we rename everything

14. white noise

15. less like a flower, more like a sword

16. balloons shaped like anchors

17. let’s pretend I’ve never said this before

18. surviving my sadness

19. we told secrets in parked cars

20. ash in my veins

21. my love is blue fire, red lies

22. saying hallelujah, amen

23. sacrificial kindness

24. fire under grace

25. the night you offered your wing

26. all the pretty words

27. so I told you this poem isn’t about you

28. tell me how to heal

29. gate 23, that’s where I’ll be

30. calvin klein & menthol cigarettes