Well, the time has come to take some time away from social media. Instagram & Facebook in particular. I haven't deactivated any of my accounts, but I HAVE deleted the apps from my phone. 

I think we have all been there; stuck in a rut, glued to our phones, ignoring our real lives in favor of our digital lives. Over the weekend a realization hit me. I had been bitching and moaning about not having enough time to read and write when I actually do have the time. I'm just wasting that time clicking between social media icons on my phone. I looked at my TBR list and thought about how many could have been read already if I had put my phone down for a moment to focus.

I have THREE manuscripts sitting on my computer, untouched. They deserved my undivided attention. I need to focus on writing and to let the business of being a writer take a back seat.

I hope you all have a great summer. I hope you also put your phone down. I hope you enjoy the people and BOOKS right in front of you ;)

I will still be active on certain social media platforms so I hope you'll join me on them.