Why? Why does anything to do with Knight wreck me???

This was the thought bouncing around in my head after I finished my 3rd BB Easton book. I didn't read Speed as soon as it came out like I did with Skin. After reading 44 Chapters About 4 Men I had two favorites, other than BB. Knight and Ken. I didn't want to jump into Speed and the world of Harley, leaving Knight behind. I wasn't ready. I had no clue Knight's presence would be so prominent in Speed. 

My feeling for Harley ran right in line with BB's. He was fun and happy, his smile made me swoon. I could see him- his gait, his hair, all of it. I love that kind of guy. The ones who make you laugh, but they can't keep my interest for long. I hate that I love the tortured soul more. BB and Harley, that was hot. BB and Knight, that ripped me open.

My favorite thing about BB's spin-off series is the sense of nostalgia I feel. BB and I grew up in the same era, at the same time. I found myself remembering the days of my teens when I had my first car, my first love, my first heartbreak. 

I doubt I will ever read writing like BB's again. And I will read everything she puts out. This woman is honest and a storyteller like no other.