The Girl Behind the Red Door 

British. Charming. Virgin. 

Reed Windsor doesn't do relationships. Though he could charm the pants off any girl he wants, he's not interested. He's always been too captivated by a special someone from his past to get serious with anyone else. Sure, she has no clue he exists, but he's willing to bide his time and convince her he's worth a shot.

Sassy. Beautiful. Way out of his league. 

Charlie Oded is full of baggage - being left at the altar will do that to a woman. Having zero time for distractions, she's not looking for . . . well, anything. She needs time to heal her heart, not another guy to string her along. Which is why when she meets the alluring Reed, she's determined to keep things friendly.

But he makes her heart race and she makes him want to settle down.And neither of them wants to walk away.

Reed's never wanted a relationship, but Charlie's changed the game, and he's willing to play if she is. You all know me. 

You know I'm all over the younger man/older woman stories. I can't remember where I saw a post about this book. But once I knew what it was about I was shamelessly dropping hints to the author that I wanted to read it. And I am so glad I got to.

The Girl Behind The Red Door is so cute, so fun. I'm sure you're thinking "does Jen even like cute and fun stuff?"... The answer is yes. Yes, I sure do. What I don't like is melodrama or cheesy shit. I don't like books that take themselves too seriously. This little novel was smart, witty, fun.

Reed was EXACTLY the kind of hero I look for in novels. He was not alpha. He was not a pyscho. He was not a prick. I like romantic interests who have strength. A strength of character, honesty, and charm. Everything beautiful about him was internal. Yes, he was described as a hottie, but that's not what drew me in. I love the back and forth he had with Charlie. I loved their friendship and the foundation they built.

Reading The Girl Behind The Red Door brought back so many memories of writing Burning Muses. Reed had been pining for Charlie since he was a little boy. So many Chace and Sera feels hit me.In short, I really think you need this book in your life. The world can really bring us down sometimes, and books like this bring a damn smile to our faces. What's not to love about that?