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"Two-time Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Poetry, J.R. Rogue returns with her newest collection of poetry, Breakup Poems. Presented in six sections, five devoted to the stages of grief, and a final one for her devoted group of online fans, the author examines the various emotions women go through as they mourn the loss of lovers ranging from almost-relationships to marriage."

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Jen makes my heart pound without even trying. Poignant, stunning, and packing hard punches, Break Up Poems has all of the words us women need.- Under The Cover

From her choice of words, to her rhythm, to her sucker punch endings, Rogue really knows how to make you hurt in all the best ways.- Author, Kat Savage

Something about Rogue's words inspires in me frenzied need to read faster and faster, as if the next page will disappear before I get there.- Author, Kayleigh Michelle

This collection keeps with Rogue’s visceral way of digging into her truths through writing, like few others can do. She is constantly pulling at the darkness of all her heartaches by holding the rise and fall of past relationships under the lens of a microscope that seeks to heal through self-reflection and hard honesty.- Author T.J. McGowan

Each poem pulled me in and had me wanting more. It didn't matter if it was a three line or twenty line poem, they all made me feel.- Rebecca, Goodreads Reviewer

It was torture. In the best way- Author, Liz Monroe

This book is absolutely amazing. I don’t hand out 5 stars lightly, but this one makes me wish I had more to give. I write this completely gutted and teary-eyed... in the best possible way. Watch out, because her words will sneak up on you and rip emotions from you that you’re not prepared for, and you’ll love every word of it. I promise.- Autumn, Goodreads ReviewerDon't forget to Pre-Order your signed copy!  ↴